Sunday, November 24, 2013

Should You Rent A Car Using A Discount Travel Site?

When you take a trip that is a long distance from home, you might want to find the easiest way to make a reservation for renting a car. But should you use a website that specializes on discount travel options for rental cars? It really depends on your specific situation and your personal needs. Even though you might get a discount, many of these discounts are only valid if you use the website for all of the facets of your trip.
Most of the discount travel sites out there offer users the ability to book all of the different aspects of their trips with these companies. Most discount sites deal more with hotels, so this means you will likely find better deals on your hotel accommodations than going with other companies. If you are going to reserve a hotel room using one of these sites, you should really consider booking your rental car and airfare with the same site as well since these package deals are typically required in order to get the best discounts on travel.
If you plan on staying with family or friends on your vacation or if you won't need all of the transportation that a rental car would provide, it is best to simply contact the individual hotels, airlines, or rental car agencies and make your reservations with them. The package deals would not save you as much money in these cases. It is best for you to contact these companies and ask about their specific deals or specials going on. You can easily find some of this information yourself by doing a Google or Bing search.
Usually, when you are traveling it is best to check directly with the big name companies first as these are usually the safer and more reliable companies to deal with. It is important to realize that a deal really is only a deal if the company will back the contract that you enter into with them.
Even if a discount travel site uses the terms "special offers" or "best discounts" in its slogan, this is not always the case. These sites are fantastic for travelers who use them to book all facets of their trips. But when you only need to reserve a rental car or make a flight reservation, you should check out the companies that only offer these services and ask them about their special offers. Overall, the best method to use is to shop around by contacting various companies directly and looking online at travel sites. Comparing prices will result in the best possible deal for your specific travel needs.
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