Monday, February 25, 2013

Tours - Important Steps to Consider for the Smart Traveler


Going on tours in Egypt and Spain can be exciting events of a lifetime. These nations exhibit many breathtaking views and amazing local culture. Here are some steps to get you started if you are heading out to these places for an adventure.
Choose a season wisely
Packed tours in Spain and in Egypt happen during different seasons. In Spain, this will depend on the location and schedule of festivals. In Pamplona, for instance, the streets can get crowded fast during the famous Running of the Bulls. Many people will be on the roads waiting for the bulls in the hopes of running ahead of these unrestrained animals. In Egypt, the Mawlid is a celebration of Sufi saints' birthdays drawing thousands of people to gather.
If crowds mesmerize you, then visiting a location during an important event is for you. Such a time can expose you to the rituals and customs that go along with the festivities. If crowds make you feel uncomfortable, however, decide on a time and location that will have fewer travelers.. You can enjoy moderately packed to virtually unpacked streets by planning your trip carefully.
Dress according to customs or climate
Taking a tour in Egypt can be a lesson on dressing up. Egypt is a country that has a large Muslim population so it is best to dress according to what is acceptable.
If you are a woman, do not look forward to wearing your miniskirts or plunging neckline tops out in public. Such clothing can draw unwanted attention and offend the locals. If you are a man, skip the shorts and stick to loosely fitting pants. Wearing shorts can be comfortable on your end but people might not allow you to enter mosques and other places.
Dressing up as you wish will not be a problem in Spain as it has a more open culture, where you're going, however, will factor big. It has three primary climactic zones including Mediterranean, semiarid and oceanic climates all located in the different parts of the country. This vast country also has climactic subtypes you may have to consider when going to remote locations.
Remember to ask your travel agency about the local weather before you take a tour in Spain, so you can prepare the proper clothes and stay as comfortable as possible.
Care for your health
A visit to these countries can be a worthwhile food experience but you should ask about the ingredients they use if you have allergies to certain food types such as peanuts or seafood. It is also smart to keep some medication with you at all times.
Make sure to bring sufficient water as you go around different places. Walking and hiking will cause you to sweat a lot. Water on hand can easily make you feel refreshed and avoid possible health problems caused by dehydration.
Bringing light snacks is a good idea, too. Some tours can go on longer than expected so having a treat to munch on can satisfy quick cravings. Carry them in your bag or pocket to fight off hunger pangs and stay attentive throughout your tour.
Of course, no preparation will be any good if you do not sign up with a reliable travel company offering tours in Egypt and Spain. Make sure you verify their business information and reputation as you check their travel packages.You are spending your hard-earned money so better make sure you will have hassle-free and great experience.
Catherine Nichols is a travel writer who reviews packages for tours in Spain. The author recently reviewed available tours in Egypt in their latest company travel guide too.


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