Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Get the Best of Airline Flights Every Time

It is always a great feeling to get the corner office. You know that office that comes with a promotion as well as a bump in your pay grade. One of the perks of the new status is the means of travel and the allowance for travels. I really looked forward to that part as I have always had a fascination for air travel as well as cheap holidays. Trains have never been my favorite if I wish to compare holidays while cars take forever to get to the destination but airplanes get you there is a jiffy. 
At least comparatively speaking. Don't get me wrong, I love the countryside views as much as the next person but when you get used to getting things done in a jiffy, slow just loses its appeal to you. One thing I had problem figuring out was just how to get the cheapest airfare out of the airline flights I will now have to take in order to fulfill the duties of my new office.
Luckily, I was going to spend the first few months travelling in the company of my boss who is an accomplished traveler and an established bargain hunter. His reputation preceded him in the office and I was eager to learn at his feet.
My first lesson was in the airline to use in our travels. For a cheap flight to Europe I was specifically asked to use one of the budget airlines. Man, was I surprised! Lesson number one I was told. Always go budget even for cheap flights to Dubai. The hop was still within the UK so it was just fine.
The second lesson was pretty funny. My boss took me out for lunch before we went to board the flight. Why bother I wondered. Anyway, I wasn't paying for the lunch so I just enjoyed and assumed that I was still going to get something nice to chew on in-flight. Surprise, surprise. No in-flight food. No frills at all, just a nice and smooth flight. Quite a price to pay for cheap flights.
The third lesson followed from the second one. We landed at an airport quite outside town. Man, how were we supposed to navigate our way? No problem at all with that as we caught a cab that took us straight to our destination. By my calculation, we saved quite a heap of pounds sterling with that singular move. After learning to compare flight prices and detects cheapest flights I was learning fast by now.
Number four lesson was learned on a cross border trip we had to Italy. Funny thing is that we were coming in from the US and instead of flying straight to Rome, we caught a flight to our own backyard, London first and then from there, a budget airline flight to Rome. Again, I did some computation and saw that another heap of precious pounds sterling was saved the company. By now, I was becoming a guru in bargain hunting and the ability to compare cheap flights.
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