Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting Your Hands on Those Cheap Tickets

When it comes to getting cheap tickets, all you need is a bit of planning and some amount of flexibility in your travel plans. This way you are bound to get yourself a good deal. If you are lucky enough to know somebody working in the airline sector, then you could avail of discounts, else there are other tips that can help you.
If you are planning a trip in the near future, it would be best to keep a track of the airfare wars that are constantly on. You should do this for at least a month or two prior to your slotted vacations. Be a little flexible in your travel dates. Three days of the week = Tuesday, Wednesdays and then Saturdays are the cheapest days to fly. Also red eyes as well as the early morning flights are cheaper.
Often airlines offer package deals of tickets and hotels, or tickets and cab service. You could get some fantastically cheap tickets this way. If you are booking tickets in person, then ask if the flight you are looking at is the cheapest. If doing so online, check for the same flight on multiple websites.
If you are travelling in the off season, which incidentally is the best time to travel, ask the travel desk about standby tickets. These are generally cheaper. Try and get hold of a reliable intermediate who buys blocks of tickets and then sells them. You are bound to get fares that are cheaper than most. Booking early, especially for November and December holiday season tickets is absolutely essential if you want cheap tickets.
When buying your tickets online make sure you read through all the refund policy directives clearly. After you have looked around, check to see if there is any agent you can get you a cheaper ticket. If you are visiting multiple countries, try the open jaw method where you arrive in one country, but depart from another. There are always discounts for students, elderly and those in the armed forces. Always make sure you go to a trusted agent and pay by credit card so that everything is validated and on paper so to speak.
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