Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cheapest Flights to India - How to Find the Best Deals

Overseas travel and the chance to explore a new and strange country is an exciting business. India is an amazing country and the cheapest flights to India now make a holiday there well within the reach of all of us. But how do you find these India cheap flight deals and package trip prices?
The answer - not surprisingly - is to plan ahead and be as flexible as you can with your bookings and schedules.
Here's how to get the best and cheapest flight price for a trip to India.
Firstly - if you can plan ahead then its a good idea to sign up for a text alert or an RSS feed alert from the major airlines and travel agents. They will offer special deals or loss leaders from time to time and if you can be first in the queue to buy them then you might save yourself thousands. Skyscanner is also an amazingly useful new resource.
Secondly - consider using the same airline or travel agency to book both your flight and your hotel. This vacation package idea can save you money on both the hotel and the air tickets. Also try to be as flexible as you can about the dates you travel and the route you take to your destination. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays seem to be the cheapest days to travel with most airlines although it can vary a lot depending on the time of year.
Thirdly - try to haggle a deal with your local travel agent. These companies often take bulk purchases on blocks of seats or hotel rooms and then need to sell them off cheaply to avoid being left with them unsold. You might be surprised just how much your travel agent is prepared to lower the price if you haggle with them for a deal.
Fourthly - be alert to the kinds of cheap deals offered near to the time of flight by and by other similar companies.
Remember to book well in advance if you can. Sure - we all know of people who held off until the last minute and then got a great deal but to be honest you run the risk of not getting on the flight or vacation trip at all. Get organised and book well ahead of the time for travel.
Gary Hill is a travel writer based in Scotland. You'll find great tips and advice for planning your next europe vacation trip - his favourite country is Spain and at present he lives in an apartment in Barcelona. His recent writing projects have included articles about Thompson Flights and Thompson holidays.


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