Sunday, March 17, 2013

Air Travel - Flight Travel Class in Airlines and Their Features

Air Travel passengers enjoy various options in terms of services provided by airlines. Starting from the ticket booking process, a customer can choose from a range of prices, comforts, entertainment and the quality of the services at different levels of a journey. As obvious, the best services are the most expensive ones.
A set of services airlines provide is called air travel class. It may vary from carrier to carrier. It also changes according to the area a flight operates in. Flight operators are free to choose what service they prefer to offer and there are no rules set for this. Travel operators also re-brand the service categories of the flights they offer. Airline travel types may be classified as:
Economy Class: Also called the tourist category and most reasonable in terms of price.
Business Class: This is the relatively expensive and almost luxurious.
First Class: Best services with highest price. Sometimes, more than three times expensive than economy service.
Airlines do classify their services as may be best for them. For example: Business class and First class services are merged in many international flights. Similarly, low-cost carriers dissolve all services into one economy class and discount economy class. In this case passengers are provided with the same facilities and comforts with slight variation in terms of services.
All That May be included in a service:
First Class Travel is premium service package that includes luxurious amenities. The cabin is mostly located in the front area of the aircraft with restricted entry. Economy travelers are not allowed to enter this cabin. The limited number of seats are available in this category. The seats are spacious and comfortable. It offers entertainment options, games, special meals and better privacy during the flight.
While it may cost much more that the normal flight ticket, post-flight limousine services and special check-in facility are special features that make is valuable.
Business travel is almost equally comfortable with few exceptions. Some commercial airlines provide business class as the highest level of service. They do not have a special first class. It is located in the middle of the aircraft and rear of first level. Better seats, special meals and drinks are included along with entertainment services.
Another level of service some airlines offer is Premium Economy. It falls between economy class and business class services. It differs from economy class in terms of the better seats and some services like meals and media options. The cost of the premium class is almost similar to economy class but the services are better. So this is a good value for money option for a little more money.
Economy is the least expensive of all. Here seats are simpler and limited. Short span travels may not include meals and other services may be paid. This class is located in the rear of an aircraft. Entertainment options are limited and can also be paid sometimes. The Cost is significantly less than other travel class prices.
... And Flight Travel Class also change according to international and domestic flights. Domestic flights' offer Economy and Domestic First Class depending upon the flight operator. In this case also the cost of the flight and the services offered are the factors that cause variation.
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