Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Revolutionary Weight-Loss Program at PhuketFit, Thailand Resort

Phuketfit is helping clients from across the world quickly and safely lose weight at their Thailand weight-loss camp. Conventional weight-loss programs come and go, but what Phuketfit are offering in Phuket, Thailand is something really special.

 This program combines the best ideas and methods of safe weight-loss, detoxification, healthy eating and exercise in the perfect formula that gets consistent results again and again.

 The Phuketfit program started over six years ago and is still going strong. A spokesperson from Phuketfit said, “We have the experience to really make dreams come true here. Weight-loss is much easier when you have a team of professionals guiding and encouraging you.

 After all success brings success. As an added bonus you couldn't find a more inviting place in the world than Phuket to lose weight and develop new healthy habits.” The Phuketfit program is individually designed and completely holistic.

 Approaching the problem of being overweight from unconventional angles with an emphasis on not only losing weight, but also on building up dynamic full body health. Clients who have passed through the program are overwhelmingly enthusiastic. “I was never able to really lose weight until I came to Phuketfit.

 The way the staff looked after me and encouraged me was incredible. The detox, especially, made a huge difference I think. Now I feel and look great. I'd encourage anyone serious about getting fit to take part in the Phuketfit program,” commented John D. from the U.K.

 The Phuketfit program also includes smart instruction and training in how to maintain the weight-loss and healthy lifestyle after finishing at Phuketfit.

 This attention to detail makes sure that the investment in diet and training is one that continues to offer benefits long into the future. There's no doubt that this is a company that takes fitness seriously.


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