Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Museums in Turin

The Museums in Turin
Turin is one of the ancient cities in northern Italy. The city is of great importance owing to its historical buildings and roman architecture that date back to the 1st century. If you are planning to visit Italy then you must go to Turin city. Once you are in Turin do not forget to visit the great Egyptian museum the Piedmont. It is the greatest museum of Egyptology outside of Egypt. It was renovated in the year 2005 and was originally built by the Egyptians. 

The museum has amazing things and artwork that date back to the Egyptian empire. The locals believe that the museum is ghostly and would suggest you to visit it during daylight. The museum has unique Egyptian collections including the primogenital copy of the book of the dead. There is a part of the museum that displays world renowned paintings and the mesmerizing works of Leonardo da Vinci can be seen there. There is also a section for classic and medieval jewelry. 

You may visit it and admire the splendid artwork of the past. Italy also has museums that display modern art. The most unique museum that gets the most attraction by the tourists is the fruit museum. This place is fun to be at and outweighs all the other places in fun element. It is the only fruit museum of the world. Italy has a list of unique ancient and modern museums built in different cities at different times. 

The cinema museum is one of the landmarks worth visiting. It is considered as the initiator of Italian cinema and is ranked to be one of the top museums in the world not just in Italy. The city of Turin has all kinds of museums and the Torino automobile museum will be a treat to visit for the car lovers. People from around the world visit Italy for a great holiday vacation. The places and sights are unique to the country and the rich culture of food and cuisine is a specialty of this country. The above listed museums are a must see if you ever visit Turin in Italy.

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If you are planning to travel to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza then Monza Grand Prix Packages are for you. The Italian Grand Prix is one of the most famous F1 races held. When arranging an Italian Grand Prix package you can iclude a trip to Turin to visit the Museums and see the sites on offer.


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