Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to Get Cheap Tickets to Paris?

Going to Paris is every traveler's dream and contrary to what most people think, it is easy to go to Paris on a budget travel. Here are some trips that will help you get cheap tickets to Paris:
1) Last minute tickets
Last minute tickets are not easy to come across but they are available from time to time. You should sign up at your airlines websites so that you can be alerted whenever there are cancelled flights whose seats have to be resold. Last minute deals are good for those who have a flexible flying schedule.
2) Book during the off season
Many tourists go to Paris every year. To get cheap tickets, you should plan your trip during the off season. This is usually during the winter period in France. Also, avoid flying over the weekend or on the eve of important holidays as there is a mad rush for tickets at these periods and airlines charge very high prices for their tickets.
3) Fly budget airlines
Today, there are a number of budget airlines that you can consider when going to France. Most of them fly to Paris and if not, you can take a cab to Paris when you land at the town where the airline flies to. While budget airlines are not luxurious and do not offer extra amenities like normal airlines, they save the travelers significant amounts in terms of airfares.
4) Buy tickets in bulk
Travelling in a group can accord you enormous discounts as airlines are willing to give you tickets (usually over 20) at a lower price. This is good for those traveling as groups or teams to Paris. Get your team together and buy your tickets at once to enjoy the discount.
5) Get connection flights
Instead of flying directly to Paris, you can get connection flights. However, find out how much it will cost you to make your connection to ensure that you will be saving. Also, you can opt for flights that are landing in the other smaller airports in France rather than that in Paris. Landing in the secondary airports is cheaper and passengers also enjoy this benefit by paying less for air fare.
When you want to get cheap tickets to Paris, try the above tips and you are sure to save on air fare.
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