Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bargain Flight Deals - How to Get the Most Bang For Your Buck When Flying

Many people are looking for bargain flight deals, and with the economy not so great at the present moment it makes sense that people are even looking to save more money that usual. Here I am going to give you three tips on how I have flown cheaply to many places, and how you can do it just like I do! This should help you get on the right path to finding great deals on airline travel.
1. The first method that you can use in order to get great deals on airline travel is to fly standby or take a flight at an odd hour. Both methods have worked for me, because the airlines are looking to fill these seats, so you can often times negotiate with them to get a very good deal on a plane ticket.
2. The second thing that you can do is to get deals from the airlines themselves. This is something that most people do not think of, however it can be done quite easily. All you have to do is call the airline hotline number right after the deals have been put in place for the next day, which is typically around midnight. You have an excellent change with this method of getting some great deals.
3. The best method by far that I have found for getting great deals on airline travel is to know someone on the inside, as this will help you tremendously. Finding a former or current employee who you can learn the tricks of the trade from can be very beneficial for you. These are how I get the best deals, and I am confident that the same method will work for you!


suri said...

saya belum pernah bercuti menaiki kapaal terbang. sy yakin jika dapat pelung naik kapal terbang pasti saat itu menggujakan hee...

thnks you sebab sudi visit laman amat-amat saya hargai ;)

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