Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Five Common Travel Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Thousands of individuals travel everyday to other cities or countries for business or other functions. Lots of them are pretty sensible to grab the simplest travel deals and offers. However not all the travelers can do the identical. Moreover most of the travelers don't apprehend a number of the fundamental rules of travelling and always get driven by myths. Here are five travel myths that you want to recognize and the fact behind these.

Myth one. You will get what you get:

There are several travelers who decide a hotel by its charges, but it's a common myth that pricey hotels offer you a lot of comfort, luxury and different facilities. Before booking a hotel, you want to think about your priorities and facilities you wish in your room. After that, search for a hotel that meets your necessities and give these facilities. Reading reviews of hotels online could be a smart idea and you must try to get the most economical hotel as per your desires.

Myth two. The plane will crash if you utilize a Telephone during the flight:

Have you ever thought why flight attendants as you to change off your cellular phone during a flight? It is as a result of cell phones and other electronic appliances like MP3 players, Laptops etc. could create interference with the governing system of plane and may cause crashing of plane.

Actually, cell phones emits radio signal that will cause flickering of navigation screen of cockpit, but this doesn't mean that plane can crash due to the current. Moreover the electronic system of airlines is heavily shielded and these stray signals cannot enter this.

Myth three. Delaying or Cancellation of Flight entitles you for compensation:

Actually this can be not true. If delaying or cancellation of flight is due to the any reason that comes underneath "force majeure", you're not entitled for any compensation. Force majeure is conditions like weather issues, calamities etc. that are beyond human control.

Compensation may be given in cases where flight got cancelled because of some mechanical problems, overbooking or alternative similar reasons that are responsibility of airlines.

Myth four. Guided tour is best way to travel forever:

It might be in some cases, however not forever. Guided tours are sensible if you're travelling to places that are not close to population like going for an adventure trip to African safari, or for a trekking trip in Himalayan region, however if you're visiting a big city than a guided tour is not a smart plan.

In cities you'll be able to get enough data by local peoples whether or not you do not grasp the local language.

Myth five. Last minute deals suggests that significant discount:

This was once true typically ago, but in present time the earlier you book, the additional benefit you'll get. Last minute deals are not beneficial and after the large economical crisis last year the pressure on costs and availability have been increased.


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